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Contemporary Primary Bathroom

Clients have purchased house recently. The open concept bathroom in the primary suite wasn't the ideal situation. Rather to have half walls and small areas for the shower, tub, and water closet, our clients preferred to have a large dual shower with more privacy overall. We kept the vanity where it was but updated cabinetry to make the sinks evenly spaced, allowing room for storage and installed a mirror with a custom frame matching the cabinetry. Pendent lights completed the look.

The opposite side of the bathroom was reconfigured. By eliminating the small tub, we were able to enlarge the water closet allowing space for a storage cabinet and installed a pocket door for privacy. The shower was enlarged to accommodate two people with dual showering capabilities. Two sets of shower heads and fixtures worked well in the space. To create privacy, we built a new wall. The bathroom had beautiful windows allowing a lot of natural lighting. By building only a partial wall between the shower and the water closet and installing a glass partition above, we kept the windows as a beautiful feature in the bathroom. A stunning contemporary look was achieved by covering shower walls with beautiful Dekton Laurent. Part of the windows were in the shower therefore windowsills and jambs were updated with Dekton Laurent throughout to complete the space. Our clients appreciated the updated design as it is better suited to their lifestyle and the overall style of the house. It was great project and we enjoyed creating the space making it more functional and beautiful!